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On Creative Disruption and Adoption

There very well could be value in adding Disruptive Experience to your resume.  We live in a hyper-disruptive time, and with that comes the opportunity for adoption and advancement.  It is exciting time in which we live…and has been for some time now…consider the following real life example.

Here is simple illustration of disruption in the world of print production.  It was in 1987, the Apple computer was making serious waves in the way production flowed.  When the production team received an order (same as today) the cogs moved on all fronts: creative, paper ordering, scheduling, bindery, etc.  Part of the creative/graphics process required work in the darkroom (a place where you handle light sensitive material) – using film, exposure and chemicals in the process of creating press plates.

The skilled graphic artist (or prepress operator) equipped with a computer (the Apple IIC, as I recall) was able to produce greater quality graphic output and usually a better print product.  Leaving out the details of the entire process I will say – these early disruptive steps where a precursor to going from Lino-type and light boards to desktop and straight to plate.

The disruption and adoption process did take time, but the film and chemical industry was never be the same, think Kodak.  Nor was the print production process.  All brought to you by Apple and a host of others innovators.

Consider what on this front you might add to your resume – take a read of the following article by Paul Elliott from Adage.  Special attention to those in the agency world.  You will see opportunity and/or calamity calling.

Time is running out for doing things as we have in the past. Consumers will soon stop engaging with retailers that don’t meet them where they are. Retailers and manufacturers will do the same with agencies.

Fast forward to 2013.  Disruption, technologically speaking is everywhere.  In ten short years we have seen changes in the way we watch TV, er a screen.  Changes in the way we purchase and read words.  Changes in the way and what we communicate with our “friends”.  The device/technology enabled the adoption of change – and the transfer of billions of dollars from the old way to the new.  Are you embracing disruption and adopting the new?

When researching organizations on behalf of our clients – often times a website, social presence and brand messaging indicate to some degree their depth of adoption.  You can gain insight and find opportunity to disrupt in the blink of an eye.  If you need support – we might be able help enable: clearer messaging, relevant creative and socially sincere connections.  Contact now to start building a new resume.



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