Servant Marketing Group -
We live up to our name

  • Creating and managing successful marketing campaigns – from start to finish.
  • Providing customized packages to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

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Direct Marketing -

  • Fully integrated, direct-response Marketing plans present your services to your customer in a unique, creative framework.
  • Original, results-oriented programs include
    maintenance and geared to meet your business goals.

About Usor Our Work

Creative Design and Development -

  • Servant Marketing Group experience, plus strategic network partnering!  The Result? Websites that command attention and bring you business
  • Combining unique Design and compelling Content to maximize customer response

About Usor Our Work


Expanding your Brand with a Shortened #URL

Digital Brand Management Shortened URL’s Can Carry Your Brand Further.  And that is good news. Grabbing and shortening long URL’s is a solution that we are all familiar – with a host of players: google, bitly and tiny.  Each shortened URL using those solutions carries there brand across the social net – not yours. A […]

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What Would Winston Churchill Do? |

Leadership Lessons And I quote from – “As the leader of a company, of course, you are constantly faced with employees who do not perform up to expectations. What should you do? The single worst thing is to call them lazy and attempt to shame them into taking action. Instead, employees need to be […]

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SEO: What Is Google AuthorRank & Why You Should Plan For It Right Now | Business 2 Community

From Servant MG — Content credibility will drive authorship (and presumably the ability to write) to new heights on the blog posts of the internet.  If you cannot write, lack the time and energy, then consider your alternatives.  You can hire a content author – and we can help.   Or just keep those “NEWS” […]

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