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Can you remember what it was like before Facebook and Twitter?  It took more effort to be socially connected and a lot more effort to be heard by your desired audience. The internet was a new thing, and people were just starting to figure it out.

As the internet progressed, so did the need for better networking platforms, and it was only a matter of time until a network like Facebook was born.  Facebook was launched in February 2004, soon to be followed by Twitter in July 2006.  Facebook has over 750 million users, and Twitter has 200 million.

If you are not on Facebook or Twitter, you need to be, and here are some reasons why:

  1. You can gain an audience that wants to hear about what you are selling. The people that “like” your business Facebook page, get a news feed every time you post something new. Facebook does a great job at showing the impressions and activity of every post.
  2. Being on Facebook and Twitter, gives you an edge on your competition.  If you have an active Facebook page or Twitter account, you are more likely to be perceived as a personable company.  People will better relate to you and what you do.
  3. Your business has the ability to be viewed as you want it to be. One example is that you can post pictures both on Tweets and Facebook.  This gives your audience a more personal connection to your company.
  4. It only takes a few minutes a day to stay active, and to gain a positive reaction from your audience.
  5. Everyone is doing it!  Are you?

The hardest part about starting a Facebook Business Page or Twitter Account is staying active.  You need to make it a weekly, if not daily routine, just like checking your e-mail.  If you would spend 5 minutes a day updating your Facebook or Twitter, it would become second nature to you.

A few key ways to gain followers:

  • Include a link in your email signature to both your Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Link your personal Facebook to Twitter.  This way, anytime you tweet it will update on your Facebook page.  This reminds your friends on Facebook that you are also on Twitter.
  • Post relevant information that will benefit your users.  You will gain more users because of traction.
  • Follow and befriend people that are interesting to you and your business.  Most likely they will follow you back, especially if your content is relevant to what they are interested in.

Business and social networking just makes sense. If you need help setting up Facebook or Twitter for your business, please call Servant Marketing Group.  We can have you up and NETWORKING in no time.

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