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Content is King

From the time you began exploring website design you heard “Content is King.” It was said so what exactly did the phrase mean? What was “Content”?

The truth is, “content” was whatever level of technology worked. But it has evolved in meaning. Depending on your age and memory, the initial “Wow!” of website development was Design. Suddenly, instead of ordering 500 business cards, I could share my brand and contact data with thousands of potential customers all over the planet for the same price. My business would grow overnight (or so I thought). It was full of Color! Even had moving parts – a digital package to tell my story. Or … at least with the potential to tell my story. But then I still waited for the phone to ring. I needed my site to be recognized, and I needed it to have impact enough to generate action from those who saw it. A picture was worth a thousand words, we were told. But the pictures still needed words, and whoever forgot that was suddenly behind the curve.

So Design wasn’t enough. Enter: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, which meant you needed words, text, a message. You not only showed your message, now you needed to tell your story. Now Content expanded to include carefully chosen words combined as compelling text. The written message became king. It was critical. Content took on new meaning. In a word, your website had to learn to talk.

Now, every aspect of web design and presentation is analyzed frontwards and backwards. Content means, simply, how well is your website design company presenting your message? Companies need – in fact, demand – the best writing. Photography and streaming Video have entered the picture. Unity Business Systems has discovered that success for our clients means full attention to all aspects of your business, and we use every available tool appropriately so we can help you respond to your customers’ needs quickly, efficiently, and successfully. Here’s what we and professional analysts have discovered (notice the heavy emphasis in the writing, the text that makes the difference between an average and a great website):

  • Clients don’t pay enough attention to the full content on their websites.  Did you ever see a TV commercial that was so “cute” you remembered the story, but you forgot the name of the company or the product? Well, a similar thing began to happen with website design. Graphics took the lead, and customers were impressed. But someone had to write the message. And unless good messaging became part of content, the website was incomplete. One analyst called such sites “anemic.”
  • Giving attention to your message is an affordable way to make a big impact.  Websites can have exciting, creative design, and yet fail because of careless writing.
  • Better writing promotes organic SEO.  Don’t be intimidated by the SEO mechanics. In representing you, Unity’s team will  focus on the right words getting proper attention quickly. Our approach creates a solid connection between text and graphics.
  • Better writing engages the audience.
  • A complete and integrated message develops a strong value proposition.
  • Focus on design and flash only often results in too little effort on a good message.
  • Your site needs a clear call to action.
  • Do you know your target audience?  Unity’s team will write to that audience directly.
  • Properly written Content is the foundation for the site map architecture.
  • Does the site make sense to your typical reader?  Are you targeting CEOs with MBAs? Are you reaching out to people in trades? Or students? Or Realtors? Unity’s writing team can address all reading levels.
  • We practice a disciplined “Less is more” approach to text.  We have developed a writing department to avoid producing quick ad copy. We will never put weight on clichés.

In summary, where are you with your shopping list? Is content truly “King”? Well, if you mean only Design or only Color or only Flash or only Graphics or only Text – even great Photography or the best Video clips – we would say “No.” But if you mean all of the above, merged together as a “Royal Family,” with a strong emphasis on your tightly written message, then we agree that your fully developed website from Unity’s creative team comprises a “Royal Family.” With our depth, Unity will help you reign supremely in covering your market niche.

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