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Blue Jeans, Websites & Creative Marketing

Blue jeans, websites and creative marketing…what a few years can do.

Thankfully, I missed the bell bottom jean generation when a kid and just now, barely as an adult.  I have managed to stick to the traditional straight cut jeans despite the best efforts of some nearest and dearest to me.

What is the relationship to a website?  Hopefully you ask.  Well, some sites out there are stuck in generation one – just like my loyalty to “normal” jeans, some by choice or neglect.  The victim of outdated design, fashion and functionality.

The website we own or share sends a message to visitors, an outdated might serve the bill for preschool connect the dot templates – but for a printing firm – it points back to the darkroom days.

With the ability to harness creative marketing to advance your organization – and so many digital outlets – shouldn’t you start with the most important – your own website?

So where does your site stand?  If you would like an unbiased opinion on design, fashion and functionality drop us a line and we will share feedback.  Or visit KM Digital to see great examples or design.

BTW, the peg leg style should be back in about 10 years…lookout!

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