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5 Clues You May Suffer From Post Fatigue

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5 Clues You May Suffer From Post Fatigue

We all see it, common whiteboard quotes extolling the virtues of eating right, respecting others, being the best boss, etc., etc. Some of our favorite connections regularly post and repost these digital gems.

Here are five clues that suggest you need to dial it back or mix it up (I’ve been there):

1 – Nobody notices your posts – no likes, no shares, few opens.

2- You see the same post shared, again, and again.

3- It’s on Pinterest or you found it there.

4- You add no original commentary or creative.

5- You shared a similar threaded post 45 minutes ago..

The digitally connected business world has room for this style of content – just pick and choose which ones add value to your network and have a taste of originality.

Without removing creativity, develop a social media sharing plan that covers current events, industry perspective, humor and statistics. AND remember timing, when it comes to sharing – often times, less is more.

Now, post with care – there’s a lot of traffic out there.

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