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5 Clues You May Suffer From Post Fatigue

5 Clues You May Suffer From Post Fatigue We all see it, common whiteboard quotes extolling the virtues of eating right, respecting others, being the best boss, etc., etc. Some of our favorite connections regularly post and repost these digital gems. Here are five clues that suggest you need to dial it back or mix […]

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Expanding your Brand with a Shortened #URL

Digital Brand Management Shortened URL’s Can Carry Your Brand Further.  And that is good news. Grabbing and shortening long URL’s is a solution that we are all familiar – with a host of players: google, bitly and tiny.  Each shortened URL using those solutions carries there brand across the social net – not yours. A […]

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SEO: What Is Google AuthorRank & Why You Should Plan For It Right Now | Business 2 Community

From Servant MG — Content credibility will drive authorship (and presumably the ability to write) to new heights on the blog posts of the internet.  If you cannot write, lack the time and energy, then consider your alternatives.  You can hire a content author – and we can help.   Or just keep those “NEWS” […]

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The Economist Sets Guarantee for Digital Editions | Adweek

Print media buyers have been pushing publishers to give up more information about their digital editions as they try to assess a new medium. Now, The Economist is delivering on one of those buyer demands by being, it claims, the first to set a digital rate base. The Economist Sets Guarantee for Digital Editions | Adweek.

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