Servant Marketing Group -
We live up to our name

  • Creating and managing successful marketing campaigns – from start to finish.
  • Providing customized packages to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

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Direct Marketing -

  • Fully integrated, direct-response Marketing plans present your services to your customer in a unique, creative framework.
  • Original, results-oriented programs include
    maintenance and geared to meet your business goals.

About Usor Our Work

Creative Design and Development -

  • Servant Marketing Group experience, plus strategic network partnering!  The Result? Websites that command attention and bring you business
  • Combining unique Design and compelling Content to maximize customer response

About Usor Our Work

Creative Digital Marketing

Servant Marketing Group is a digital marketing agency located in Leesburg, Virginia.   If you want to create a strong brand, visibility and clear differentiators, our customized Messaging Platform process can fast-track your digital success.


5 Clues You May Suffer From Post Fatigue

5 Clues You May Suffer From Post Fatigue We all see it, common whiteboard quotes extolling the virtues of eating right, respecting others, being the best boss, etc., etc. Some of our favorite connections regularly post and repost these digital gems. Here are five clues that suggest you need to dial it back or mix […]

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Reason for Being – A Drive for Integrity

Authenticity in Branding At Servant Marketing Group, we work with many organizations to help them meet their growth goals.  In the past, SMG has been defined as a marketing company, but in all honesty, there was a lack of integrity in a marketing-firm business model.  We didn’t understand why we didn’t see more success with […]

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On Creative Disruption and Adoption

There very well could be value in adding Disruptive Experience to your resume.  We live in a hyper-disruptive time, and with that comes the opportunity for adoption and advancement.  It is exciting time in which we live…and has been for some time now…consider the following real life example. Here is simple illustration of disruption in […]

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